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Introducing the Risk Calculator, a MetaTrader indicator designed to evaluate potential maximum loss incurred by current open positions and active pending orders. This tool provides insights into money and percentage risk per currency pair, along with an overview of the total risk in a separate chart window. Users can tailor the Risk Calculator by toggling swaps, spreads, and commission calculation settings, as well as adjusting visual display parameters. Furthermore, it offers the option to calculate maximum potential reward and allows for separate risk/reward analysis for open positions and pending orders. Available for both MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Distinguishing itself from simple risk calculation methods like those found in the Position Sizer module, this indicator excels in complex scenarios involving hedged trades, pending orders with intersecting stop-loss and take-profit levels, and even MT5’s special stop-limit orders. Leveraging a brute force maximum potential loss search algorithm augmented by heuristic techniques for efficiency, the Risk Calculator delivers rapid calculation results for a typical number of orders (up to approximately 20). However, performance may degrade with a higher volume of trades. Nonetheless, it remains a valuable tool for evaluating worst-case exposure within intricate order portfolios.



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Risk Calculator app MT4-MT5


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