Register to Roboforex CopyFX

Instructions for Copy trading on Roboforex broker

( minimum invest 100$ )

1. open link : Click here


A pop up window may appear asking if you want to register with RoboForex or RoboMarkets.

BE SURE TO CLICK ON ROBOFOREX ! You cannot link up with RoboMarkets

2. click on “Open account” (green button)

  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Click on “I have the affiliate code”
  • Enter SRQS in the affiliate code window
  • Click on register (blue button)

3. open a trading account :

Go to “Accounts” in the menu items

  • Click on the sub-item “Trading account”
  • Live
  • Metatrader 4
  • MT4 Pro (check for each Copx trader settings)
  • EUR or USD (better Euro if you have the Euro as currency)
  • 1:1000 (check for each Copx trader settings)
  • Set password (this is only the password for the trading account and not for the RoboForex account)
  • Affiliate code : SRQS
  • Your city
  • Your address
  • Click on “confirm” (blue button)

4. capitalize account (minimum 100$):

Go to “Payment transactions” in the menu items

  • Click on the “Deposit funds” sub-item
  • Select payment method
  • “Simple deposit” (DO NOT ACCEPT BONUS)
  • Enter the amount – select EUR or USD
  • Deposit funds – Deposit funds
  • Complete all further steps

5. link account :

  • Open link for copy trader (each copy trader have own)
  • “Subscribe to Trader” (blue button)

Leave all settings as they are:


Factor 1.00

6. download Roboforex Mobile Trader and log in to follow everything live (you will receive the data by e-mail)

You can also join the Telegram group : click here

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