The Gold Reaper MT4

The Gold Reaper MT4
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Supported pairs: XAUUSD

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Based on the highly successful Goldtrade Pro, this Expert Advisor (EA) is crafted to operate across multiple timeframes concurrently, offering a spectrum of trade frequency options from conservative to highly volatile.

Utilizing a blend of confirmation algorithms, it pinpoints optimal entry points and employs various internal strategies to diversify trade risk. Each trade is safeguarded by stop-loss and take-profit mechanisms, further reinforced by trailing variants to minimize risk exposure and optimize trade potential.

Built on a proven breakout strategy targeting significant support and resistance levels, it’s tailored for the volatility of Gold trading pairs. The system dynamically adjusts trade frequency and lot size based on account size and predefined drawdown thresholds.

Extensive backtesting reveals a consistent growth trajectory with controlled drawdowns and swift recoveries. Rigorously stress-tested across diverse price feeds and brokers, it demonstrates resilience under varied market conditions.

Eschewing hyperbolic claims of “neural networks,” “machine learning,” or implausible backtest results, this EA embodies a genuine and transparent trading approach rooted in time-tested methodologies, developed and executed with integrity over 15 years of expertise.

Key Features:

  • Seamless setup: Simply install on a chart and specify your desired maximum drawdown. The EA autonomously adjusts trade frequency and lot size.
  • No grid, Martingale, or risky risk management strategies.
  • Consistent performance across historical data for XAUUSD.
  • Well-suited for Prop Firms.
  • Minimum account balance requirement: $300.


  • Run on XAUUSD with default settings or adjust the maximum drawdown. Manual adjustment of trade frequency yields varied results.
  • Chart timeframe is inconsequential.


  • Execute on XAUUSD, configure trade frequency (default: automatic), and set your preferred maximum drawdown.
  • Alternatively, manually adjust trade frequency to suit your strategy.
  • Chart timeframe is irrelevant.


  • ShowInfoPanel: Display information panel on chart.
  • Adjustment for InfoPanel size: Customize for 4K displays.
  • Update InfoPanel during testing: Disable for faster backtesting.
  • Trade Frequency: From conservative to extreme, or automatic based on account balance and maximum drawdown.
  • Maximum allowed spread: Limit for pending orders.
  • Friday Stop Hour: Set to prevent weekend trading.
  • SetSL_TP_After_Entry: Enable if pending orders require SL and TP adjustments post-entry.
  • Use Virtual Expiration: Enable for brokers disallowing pending orders with expiration dates.
  • Randomization: Introduces slight variations in entries, exits, and trailing SL values for user diversity and prop firms.
  • BaseMagicNumber: Assigned magic number for all strategies.
  • Comment for trades: Trade comment identifier.
  • Lotsize Calculation Method: Choose fixed lot size or adjust based on max allowed drawdown.
  • StartLots: Specify fixed lot size or minimum lot size for alternative lot size calculation methods.
  • Max Allowed Drawdown: Set preferred maximum total drawdown percentage.
  • Set Max Daily Drawdown: Configure maximum daily drawdown percentage for prop firms.
  • Use Equity instead of Balance: Utilize account equity for lot size calculations.
  • OnlyUp: Prevent lot size decrease after losses for aggressive but faster recovery.

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The Gold Reaper MT4


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