Binary comodo indicator

Binary comodo for MT4

Asset: Any currency pair

Trading Time: European and American sessions

Timeframe: M5

Expiry: 15 minutes


Binary Comodo stands out as a straightforward pointer indicator designed for binary options trading. Unlike some indicators, it neither repaints nor delays, delivering reliable results when trading currency pairs on binary options. Comprising three technical indicators and their corresponding trading systems, it conducts a thorough analysis of signals and mathematical calculations to determine movement probabilities, presenting the outcomes graphically as up or down arrows.

Trading with Binary Comodo follows a simple process:

  • Purchase Put options on the following candle after a downward-facing red arrow appears.
  • Purchase Call options on the following candle after an upward-facing green arrow appears.

This method of binary options trading, relying on Binary Comodo, proves particularly beneficial for beginners while also appealing to experienced traders. While the indicator generates numerous accurate signals, it may occasionally produce false ones, though at a ratio roughly estimated at 75% accurate to 25% false (statistics may vary). With a clear signal for binary options trading, Binary Comodo offers a convenient and profitable trading system, especially on the M5 timeframe.

When engaging in trading, always consider significant economic news releases. It’s advisable to refrain from trading 30 minutes before and after such news releases to avoid unexpected losses, as technical analysis alone may overlook crucial economic factors.

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Binary comodo indicator


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